Short OCTAVE history


Mr. Hofmann senior founds the transformer winding factory Hofmann.


Andreas Hofmann develops the first amplifiers on semiconductor and tube basis.


Andreas Hofmann discerns the tube as the more musical component and turns away from transistor amplifiers. He decides to develop further tube amplifier technology. His recipe: Tubes for sound relevant circuit parts, modern semiconductors for tube circuit periphery. 


First review of the preamplifier HP 500 in Audio. The HP 500 becomes a success model. This outstanding review was the breakthrough for Octave.


The RE 270 stereo power amplifier is provided to the HP 500 as a completely new development. The RE 270 is a push-pull A / B amplifier in ultra linear mode with 2 x 50 W.


With the further development of the RE 270 to the RE 275, the power of the stereo power amplifier is increased again, new development knowledge in the power supply area is implemented.


Review HP 200 in Audio. The most successful review ever for Octave. The small preamplifier HP 200 breaks all records and wins many awards. The first „Golden Ear“ (readers’ poll) make us proud. The OCTAVE special tube technology becomes affordable with the HP 200.  


RE 280. Strong, stable, rock solid. The further developed stereo power amplifier becomes the Dream Team together with the HP 500. The long running time until 2011 confirms the RE 280 absolute reliability and stable sound.

To give customers the option of upgrading, A. Hofmann developed the Black Box, an external power supply enlargement for Octave integrated and power amplifiers. The Black Box always offers a sound improvement, especially with complex multi-way speakers.

An external balancing module the “Symmetrier-Modul” enables customers to create flexible, symmetrical connections.


With the even more powerful MRE 120 mono power amplifiers, the now further developed HP 500 MK2 gets a new partner. Both play at the highest level and receive many prizes (e.g. stereoplay highlight). The MRE 120 are the first output stages in the further developed classic pentode circuit.

The Octave Phono Module convinces the record listener with its possibilities and its sound.

With the mains filter Filter II, network interference can be intercepted in that past time without mobile communication. (No longer relevant today).


The integrated amplifier V 50, the "ugly duckling" with the wonderful sound causes a sensation. It is the parting of the ways: Sound and/or design? Nevertheless (or just because of that) the V 50 becomes a legend. With its auto-bias and the new pentode circuit, it once again represents a milestone in integrated amplifier technology.


A. Hofmann fulfils his dream developing the first Jubilee preamp: the almost perfect preamplifier. The completely new circuit design - Zero Feedback - paired with an uncompromising housing construction is praised by the press as the "world’s best sounding preamp".

The V 50 E and M 100 power amplifiers that emerged from the V 50 are less successful and are soon discontinued.


Andreas Hofmann takes over the Hofmann company as sole proprietorship A. Hofmann, OCTAVE Audio. Relocation to the industrial area.


The preamplifier HP 300 is the successor of the HP 200. Small, fast, powerful are its characteristics. Unusually for tube preamplifiers, it is equipped with XLR inputs and outputs.


The integrated amp V 40 succeeds the V 50. Its design and tonal characteristics get OCTAVE a new integrated amplifier boom.


The Jubilee preamp is accompanied by the mono power amplifiers Jubilee Mono. A system of superlatives is born. In terms of sound and power, they outshine everything we have heard so far.

The V 70 integrated amplifier fills the gap between V 40 and separate combinations. The V 70 is more powerful and has more options than the V 40, its sound is bewitching.

The special edition of the HP 500, the HP 500 SE limited edition, appears on the occasion of Stereoplay’s 25th anniversary. It is so successful that for every country a new limited series is reserved. 


Further development of the mono output stages MRE 120 results in the extremely stable mono power amplifiers MRE 130. In combination with the HP 500 SE, the new and even better Dream Team. 

The Super Black Box, a further expanded Black Box, ensures even more stability of the amplifiers and superior sound.


The integrated amplifier V 80 expands the integrated amp program again towards the top. Equipped with all modern features, it is an All-rounder, the state of the art solution in the integrated amp domain.


The V 40 gets a worthy successor, the V 40 SE. Barely more expensive than the V 40, the V40 SE has a larger sound volume and a refined design. It is equipped with all the features that a modern hi-fi environment requires.


Continuous development is the self-set standard of Octave. The V 70 SE integrated amplifier and the new phono preamp Phono Module will show new ways of flexibility in 2010.

Further developed in terms of circuitry from the V 70, built into the larger chassis of its brother V 80, the V 70 SE can unfold its full potential and now has features such as Phono MC, XLR, regulated Pre Out, Home Theater Bypass and Eco Mode.

The modular structure of the new Phono Module enables a multitude of possibilities on both the input and output side. The various modules leave nothing to be desired for both phono and high-level listeners. The output modules are unique and also allow direct connection to a power amplifier.


There is only one stereo power amplifier in the program and it is and has always been something special. The tradition is continued with the further refined RE 290. The RE 290 is based on the reliable and robust electronics of the MRE 130. Equipped with the newly developed power pentode KT120, the RE 290 achieves performance in dimensions that were previously reserved only for large mono power amplifiers.


Again and again there have been calls for a little more power with the integrated amplifiers. The impressive response was the powerful V 110, an alternative to the V 70 SE with more power and speed.

The MRE 120, or its successor, the MRE 130, has become an insider tip for large loudspeakers over the years. Based on the extremely robust and sonically sophisticated concept of this model series, the even more powerful MRE 220 were created. With 4 x KT 120, these power amplifiers deliver 220 W and, thanks to the oversized output transformer, they have control and fine-tuning in the basic tone that is second to none.


With "small" preamplifiers Octave has repeatedly caused a stir (for example with the legendary HP 200). The further development of the HP 300 to the HP 300 SE closes the gap to high-priced preliminary stages. The sophisticated technology and the use of specialized output transformers in the XLR output make it an audiophile treat.


After the resounding success with the Phono Module, the first modular preamplifier in Octave's history follows: the HP 700. With a total of ten options, it can be tailored to the needs of the chain. The HP 700 not only enables the use of various input modules up to MC step-up transformers, but also offers the option of using the "control module" to find the optimal sound and balance control for the listening room.

The reference amplifiers Jubilee Mono receive a fundamental update and become the Jubilee Mono SE. The driver stage, the power supply and the output transformer were extensively revised. With 8 x KT 120 the Jubilee Mono SE delivers 440 W. The ease of playback with increased resolution in the middle area inspires every music lover.


It should be the classic fine-tuning of an SE development. But the result was a completely new amplifier. The flagship V 80 SE - first time with KT150 tubes, a sophisticated new driver electronics and optimized dual negative feedback – stands for absolute stability. The crowning glory of the OCTAVE integrated amplifier range is a real alternative to separate components.

The small external phono preamplifier Phono EQ.2 with its many setting options offers a flexible alternative to the built-in phono stages of the integrated amplifiers. Ideal for every phono lover who is looking for an uncomplicated, natural sounding phono preamp.

The options of the Phono Module are extended by the external power supply enlargement, the Black Box Preamp.


Unique in the world, the revised V 110 SE makes it possible to change the damping factor in three stages (LOW, MED and HIGH) and thus achieve an even more sensitive comparison with the electrical load (loudspeaker).

The completely new stereo amplifier RE 320, equipped with the modern power tubes KT150, enchants with its effortless dynamics on every speaker.


The first single ended amplifier in Octave history, the V16 single ended, sees the light of day: A single ended headphone and integrated amplifier with 2 x 8 W and exceptional power range in the bass and treble range. A dream for speakers with high efficiency, for top-quality headphones the reference in terms of naturalness and dynamics.


The steadily growing use of "music from the Internet" and the associated HF problems that network, switching power supplies and computers entail, require a solution. The Filter 3-P, a passive filter system, effectively and audibly blocks interference in the signal path from the DAC to the analog world.


Jubilee 300 B: After more than five years of development work, the first 300 B single ended amplifier is presented to the public at the High End 2019. With three 300 B in parallel operation and an ultra-low frequency heating, they represent the technically and currently feasible in 300 B amplifier construction.

For this development work, Andreas Hofmann 2020 receives the rarely awarded innovation prize of the Stereoplay trade press.


Everything was prepared to introduce the first Class A integrated amplifier V 70 Class A at the High End Show in Munich, when the corona crisis thwarted our plans. The V 70 Class A, a Class A push-pull amplifier with KT120 tubes in a pentode circuit, is equipped with a dynamic Class A quiescent current control. It not only impresses with its warm Class A sound, but can also surpass the limitations of conventional Class A concepts with a peak power of approx. 50 W.

The HP 700 receives a small upgrade to the HP 700 SE. It is now equipped with two pairs of RCA and two pairs of XLR outputs as standard. BI-Amping with two symmetrical power amplifiers can now be done.


In 2023, we are pleased to introduce the revolutionary successor to the flagship Jubilee Mono SE amplifier model: the Jubilee Mono Ultimate, the new crown jewel of the Octave amplifier range. The Jubilee Mono Ultimate is the most sophisticated amplifier design in the company's portfolio to date and features a host of new technologies including eight KT 170 tubes with 440W per channel and a huge, bass bandwidth.

After 11 years, it was time to develop a worthy successor to the MRE 220 mono power amplifiers, the MRE 220 SE. With the option of adapting to the speaker's damping factor, they are the ideal, unshakable playing partners of almost all speakers available on the market.


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