RE 320

Actually it was obvious:
In the new RE 320, the successful SE technology has also been transferred to a compact stereo power amplifier. With resounding success!


Available Colors: Silver or Black


The Octave RE 320 stereo power amplifier marks a significant evolution of this model series. The heart of the amplifier, the actual amplifier stage, is completely revised. Because for the first time the technical details of the Jubilee SE models have been utilized.

This SE technology was previously implemented in the new Octave integrated amplifier flagship V 80 SE and is characterized by significantly increased stability and extreme linearity. As the experienced author Roland Kraft clearly stated in the test of the power amplifier in Stereoplay 03/2016: "We know of very few tube amplifiers that are so uncritical when it comes to loudspeakers and are therefore able to develop their sonic capabilities in practically any combination ." (You can read the full test here).

The concept is based on the modern KT 150 power pentodes. The extremely powerful KT 150 enable a maximum output power of approx. 2 x 130 W with two tubes in push-pull mode. The performance bandwidth of the RE 320 extends from 5 Hz to 85 kHz. The pulse power can even reach over 200 watts. This type of power development guarantees inimitable sovereignty, offers enormous reserves and represents the effortless dynamics that characterize Octave.

A variety of modern and innovative detailed solutions guarantee a consistent level over the years. For example, the interference signal level of more than -110 dB is so low that no hum or noise can be heard even with high-efficiency loudspeakers. Many practical features such as the fine adjustment of the BIAS, the power switch for different tube types, the modern ECO mode, the connection for the external black box and the switchable RCA and XLR inputs make the stereo power amplifier a universal playing partner in this type of device.

The RE 320 impresses with a sound that is stable and reliable on all loads. Above all, the effortlessness of music reproduction is impressive and thanks to enormous control, the sound image always remains tidy, believable in its dimensions and shows even the finest facets with an irresistible naturalness.

Of course, the RE 320 has power management with soft start electronics, the protection system and, like all power and integrated amplifiers, the Eco Mode, a BIAS setting and display, the power selector and a (Super) Black Box Connection. (See technology for description)

General facts

Basic model RE 320
Design Silver or Black
Tube configuration 4 x KT 88-S4A-Carbon, optional 4 x KT 150 TS
Connections Inputs: 1 x RCA, 1 x XLR; Output: Speaker output suitable for banana plugs and cable lugs
Dimensions 488 x 210 x 410 mm (W x H x D)
Weight 27.6 kg


Eco mode Power saving mode
Power selection Adaptation to alternative power tubes
Bias control Quiescent current display and setting
Protection system Soft start; Protection circuit for amplifier and power tubes
Inputs RCA + XLR selectable


Output power at 4 ohms High: 2 x 130 W (RMS) / Low: 2 x 75 W (RMS)
Frequency response 25 Hz - 85 kHz / -3 dB at full power
Input resistance 220 kOhm RCA; 20 kOhm XLR
Signal-to-noise ratio -110 dB (< 100 µV 150 Hz - 15 kHz)
Amplification +28 dB RCA
Input sensitivity 0.8 V RCA, 1.6 V XLR


V 16 SE and Octave RE 320 (SBB) Review from STEREO 03/2020 - English version

"The combination of Octave's integrated amplifier V16 SE (Single Ended) and the power amplifier Octave RE 320 with its Super Black Box (SBB) has truly earned its place in the STEREO listening rooms."

Germany - STEREO - March 2020

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V 16 and RE 320 Review from STEREO 12/2019 - German version

"Two different concepts that complement each other perfectly when needed."

Germany - STEREO - December 2019

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RE 320 Review from Audio Arts 02/2018 - Taiwanese version

"Octave RE 320 is a beautiful, sweet tube amp, it's a strong thrust, but not full of low-frequency feeling that kind of out, but with high and medium frequency flu with just right, it sounds Balance comfortable without exaggeration. Anyone with a neutral, high-quality loudspeaker will soon be drawn to the RE 320 sweet and scent like Japanese pear, and the sound quality is as fine as the flesh, leaving no residue at the entrance. The tube amp like this level, although it can not be said that invincible, but definitely allows you to enjoy the charm of music."

Taiwan - Audio Arts - February 2018

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RE 320 Review from STEREO 05/2017 - German version

"This extraordinary tube power amplifier made in Germany is pretty much alone in the field. Performance, stability, operational reliability - paired with the finest sound."

Germany - STEREO - Michael Lang - May 2017

Overall rating from STEREO: EXCELLENT

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RE 320 Review from AUDIO 09/2016 - German version

"Faster in acceleration, higher in resolution and further in space - the reward for performance - anyone who thinks that a few tube watts can't produce any pressure should hear the RE 320 rock."

Germany - AUDIO - Lothar Brandt - September 2016

Overall rating from AUDIO: OUTSTANDING

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RE 320 Review from HiFi-Stars 09/2016 - German version

"That was clear…!
In a nutshell: If the RE 320 stereo power amplifier, like the HP 300 SE tube preamplifier, is already a sound bomb on its own, Octave Audio offers an amplifier combination by combining the two that will not only set the sound standards for such tube amplifier designs for the next few years becomes. Chapeau!”

Germany - HiFi-Stars - Alexander Aschenbrunner - September 2016

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RE 320 Review from HiFi review 06/2016 - Hong Kong version

RE 320 Review from HiFi review

Hong Kong - HiFi review - June 2016

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RE 320 Review from stereoplay 03/2016 - German version

"Without any ifs or buts, it's a power amplifier gem in a class of its own: load-stable, powerful, tube-flexible and protected against any accidents. The sound speaks for itself, including synergy effects with the in-house preamplifier."

Germany - stereoplay - Roland Kraft - March 2016

Overall rating from stereoplay: OUTSTANDING

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