Phono Module

The Octave Phono Module is based on the idea of ​​offering ambitious analog listeners a highly specialized and at the same time flexible phono preamplifier. The experience of over three decades in the development of innovative preamplifiers made the design of a modern tube hybrid phono preamplifier almost a necessity.


Available Colors: Silver or Black


Tube based external phono preamplifiers are the preference of music lovers who prefer the sonic virtues of analogue reproduction. Modern MC (moving coil) pickup systems, with their low output signal, cannot be connected to a tube based phono stage without an additional step up transformer to keep the total noise to an acceptable level.

When OCTAVE was founded, Andreas Hofmann began developing phonostage preamplifiers with an electronic MC input, because transformers are very sensitive to magnetic stray fields and they are limited in respect of the load impedance and the amplification factor. The OCTAVE Phono Module is a full feature phone preamplifier which allows the use of three different Input modules and three different Output modules.

The three Input modules can be used simultaneously. An single-ended (RCA) MM (moving magnet) module, with switchable Input Impedance 1k Ohm and 47k Ohm. An single-ended (RCA) MC module featuring switchable Input Impedance between 50 to 1k Ohm, with Gain adjustable in two steps.
It can be selected from a plurality of input modules. Not only phono, but also line modules available.

There is a balanced MC Module with XLR input jacks, featuring the same Impedance and Gain adjustment as in the unbalanced MC module. The Phono RIAA equalization stage is realized with a tube circuit based on the phono section of the highly-regarded OCTAVE HP 500 SE preamplifier. The RIAA Stage utilizes three tubes to ensure the high gain required by the RIAA correction.The specific configuration, with solid-state devices in the MC input and tubes in the RIAA output stage, allows the realization of a phono preamplifier which surpasses any and all tube designs in respect to spectral clarity and the signal to noise ratio.

The optional Output modules complete the OCTAVE Phono Module: There is the standard single-ended Output Module featuring dual RCA outputs, one with fixed level, the other with passive regulation. The next is the single-ended “ Direct Drive “ Module, also with dual RCA outputs, where the regulated output is buffered to reach a low output resistance to allow for driving a power amplifier directly.

There is also the Balanced (XLR) “Direct Drive” Module, featuring complex circuitry containing a tube and some integrated circuits that form a perfect balanced converter. This regulated output is also able to drive any power amplifier directly, while also allowing the level of the balanced output to be reduced to operate with the balanced line level inputs of a preamplifier. The OCTAVE Phono Module utilizes an external power supply.

Of course, the Phono Module has power management with soft-start electronics. (See technology for description)

General facts

Basic model Phono Module
Options Input and output modules; Remote control when used as a preamplifier
Design Silver or Black
Tube complement 1 x ECC88, 1 x ECC81, 1 x ECC83
Dimensions Preamplifier / Power Supply 437 x 83 x 487 mm / 110 x 77 x 277 mm (W x H x D)
Weight Preamplifier / Power Supply 7.0 kg / 3.0 kg


Input and Output modules selectable Input modules IN1 - IN9, Output modules OUT1 - OUT3
Special connector for Black Box Preamp Special connection for the passive Power Supply enlargement Black Box Preamp
Double output One fixed output (RCA), one variable output (RCA or XLR)


Tolerance RIAA equalization +/- 0.2 dB / 10 Hz - 50 KHz
Crosstalk attenuation left to right / phono > -60 dB / 1 KHz
Crosstalk attenuation left to right / line > -80 dB / 1 KHz
Subsonic filter cut-off frequency 15 Hz / -3 dB; -12 dB / Oktave

Options / Addon modules

Review 10/2022 - German version

"And this creates a spatial image that you should have heard in order to perhaps readjust your own standards."

Germany - stereoplay – September 2022

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Review 04/2017 - German version

"This phono stage demands a lot from its owner: decisions about equipment, a lot of trial and error, possibly variations. But then the Octave phono module gives back in three ways: a sound that is one of the best in its class. The certainty of offering the optimum to your pickups and the system. And the security of being able to react easily to new configurations. Three cheers!"

Germany - AUDIO - Lothar Brandt - April 2017

Overall rating from AUDIO: HIGH-END

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Review 01/2017 - Norwegian version

"Min konklusjon er at Octave Phono Module kunne jeg veldig godt ha levd med. Jeg mener at den forsvarer prisen, selv om du må være forberedt på at det blir dyrt med de ulike tilleggene du kan velge. Blir du berørt av jazz, klassisk og store vokalprestasjoner? Da bør du snu nesa mot Tyskland og ta en nærmere titt på Octave."

Norway - STEREO+ - January 2017

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Review 10/2014 - Spanish version

Phonomodule Review from HIFI Magazine live

Spain - HIFI Magazine live - October 2014

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Review 07/2007 - German version

"The Phono Module is also a preamplifier that you want to grow old with. Even with the fixed level output, on the same preamplifier through which the other preamps had to play, the Octave amazed you with a dynamic in the low-frequency range that simply seemed to come from a different dimension This atomic-powered power was even more noticeable on quiet, delicately produced records than on riotous pieces."

Germany - AUDIO - July 2007

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