Filter 3-P

To eliminate the problem of propagation of conducted electromagnetic interference, we developed the Filter 3-P, a filter system that acts directly in the path of the interference, namely the analog signal cabling


Available colors: Black


Today, modern hi-fi equipment can hardly function without digital signal processing. The classic CD player has largely become obsolete and has been replaced by internet-based sources, supplemented with hard drive storage media. In addition, signal connections to a network on a digital level are necessary to enable the components to work together.

This means that a modern system today has a large number of digital and analog signal connections, in addition to a large number of connections to the home network. In modern households there are also many systems and devices with switching power supplies (e.g. LED lighting systems, laptops, solar systems) and radio controls (such as WLAN, etc.)

All of these systems emit interference that affects the hi-fi devices and thus also the sound of the hi-fi system.

General facts

Basic model Filter 3-P
Options RCA or XLR
Design Black
Dimensions 186 x 70 x 75 mm (L x W x H)
Weight 3.6 kg


Separable ground


Frequency range 10 Hz - 150 kHz
Total harmonic distortion (THD + N) < 0.001% / 1 kHz
Interference Rejection (CMRR) > 80 dB / 10 kHz

Review 04/2019 - German version

“The colleague Andreas Eichelsdörfer has it in AUDIO 2/19 with the symmetrical variant already noticed: Octave's signal cleaner is one of the types of HiFi accessories that become particularly noticeable when they are taken away. That was almost possible already hurting.”

Germany - AUDIO SWISS - April 2019

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Review 02/2019 - German version

“An effective filter like the 3-P from Octave can solve many or even all of the problems that arise in the domestic luxury chain due to interference signals in one fell swoop. Expensive toy? Sound voodoo? Absolutely not, that would never happen with Andreas Hofmann. This man really knows what he’s doing.”

Germany - AUDIO - February 2019

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Review 01/2019 - German version

“As an (un)lucky coincidence would have it, a colleague is currently suffering from a nasty network hum after professional modifications to his home fuse box, which has so far refused to take any countermeasures. In fact, the filter was a resounding success here. At first there was still a slight amount of humming. However, the 3-P has a “Ground Lift” switch on the floor that disconnects the ground before the transformer. This function finally eliminated the remaining problem. Even beyond pure filtering, the module has proven to be a potent problem solver for high-end emergencies.”

Germany - STEREO - January 2019

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Review 09/2018 - German version

“Octave Audio’s approach of attacking the radiation interference in the signal paths with the passive filter F-3P in order to treat them and ward them off is as correct as it is effective.”

Germany - Hifi Stars - September 2018

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