Preamplifier HP 500 SE

Product duration: 2003 to 2017


Available colors: Silver or Black


OCTAVE developed the SE version (Special Edition) on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Stereoplay magazine. This brought the HP 500 back to the latest state of the art. By using two EF 184 pentodes, the latest HP 500 has a significantly higher bandwidth (0.2 Hz to 2.3 MHz, 6 dB) of the output stage. The extremely low lower cut-off frequency leads to an even clearer and more contoured bass reproduction. As is well known, this in turn forms the prerequisite for a clean basic tone and an exciting mid-range performance. In addition, the increased upper cut-off frequency enables the HP 500 SE to display all the timbres of a recording in the finest nuances and without distortion. The switchable amplification of the HP 500 SE is also new. The gain circuit adjusts the setting range of the volume control exactly to the power amplifier and speakers used.

Testbericht 01/2018

Mit Octaves HP 500 SE und zwei MRE 130 -Monos zieht nicht nur eine sensationell klingende Verstärkerkombi in den STEREO-Hörraum ein, es ist zugleich eine Art Kampfansage an alte Zöpfe und Vorurteile. Denn dieses Trio vertritt ein modernes und hoch effizientes Röhrenkonzept.
Deutschland - STEREO - Tom Frantzen, Mai 2005

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