The Jubilee Line
The OCTAVE Jubilee concept: After attending a concert, once back home you again realize the limitations of electronic music reproduction. As a passionate music lover and avid concertgoer, Andreas Hofmann didn't want to accept these limits any longer. Behind the Jubilee line there is the idea to fulfill a lifelong dream in realizing amplifiers which should be able to transport, in absolute authenticity, the real sound of great musical events from the concert hall into the living room. To achieve this goal we wanted to develop amplifiers which would exceed conventional limitations both technically and aesthetically. We wanted to construct nothing less than the world’s finest amplifiers. And thus began the Jubilee project in 1993... In the beginning, the Jubilee project faced a battle to get the heart of the problem: which engineering constraints can be exceeded with which technology without creating new boundaries? The demand of high standards in aesthetic design only added to the electronic challenges. The next five years saw the development of the Jubilee preamp, while Andreas Hofmann needed another five years for the power amplifiers.
"...The Jubilee is a true work of art, providing a mastery of the music that is at the limit of what is possible in audio today..." This was the view expressed by Audio magazine when they reviewed the Jubilee preamplifier in June '98 and proclaimed it as their absolute reference.
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